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Jan 08, 2019



Worst store ever! I bought a new Voopoo battery and Subohm Uforce tank yesterday, rep at store put it together, I took it home and with using it less than an hour it was pouring juice everywhere. Ruined the shirt I was wearing, the coil was fried, with my only puffing it a few times. There is no way to turn down the wattage on the stick. Voopoo reviews and tank reviews online by raters sent them to them by the COMPANY state Voopoo recommends to return to the store for replacement in the first 90 days! Owner REFUSED to exchange it, said they would keep and test it for defects. Didn't even ask for my name or number to call, gave me my receipt back. Hacks. Will file BBB complaint. In reply, owner stated she had my name and number in the system, but having given me back the receipt, I guess she was going to Psychically find that information? I guess when I called back and gave the information and said don't you need my name/#? The gentleman who answered would have said "We have all your information in the system already, thanks, we will call you when we find out more". No, she told me that no business makes money by exchanging stuff . Just because someone doesn't like the color. You can't return your Defective cell phone to the Store for an exchange one day later or a new car, Neither of which is true obviously...I was also told that the issue was more than likely my being unfamiliar with how to Vape and probably did it incorrectly, burning up the coil, causing the tank to leak. After 10+ brands of Batteries/Mods and countless tanks and coils, I think I am more than familiar with how the process works! I was called back a day later and advised that the rep had vaped MY tank for a little while the night before and that morning while working with a new coil and no problems found. I could come pick it up. Like I want a tank someone else has been using too?!? I said I'd like to exchange for a different brand, probably more expensive, they can return the other to the manufacturer, he said he'd have to get back with me this week...Crazy! Unbelievable! They Vaped my tank, noting that yes, their saliva would backwash into it & the coil but we rinsed it out, sorry for any inconvenience. Stated we couldn't reproduce the problem so no exchanges or returns for a new, more expensive item. Yuck, like I want to inhale their saliva. I'm reporting to the Health Department, BBB & Attorney General....DO NOT SHOP HERE. THEY ARE KEEPING MY DEVICE AND MONEY.

Dec 02, 2018

Dado's Cafe

by Dennis Nowak

Great Food and Service. My new go to place for Gyro's and the French Fries are Awesome.! Their American menu is pretty good also if your friends are not into Greek food, plus there are a few American/Greek creations. There is something for everyone.

Dec 02, 2018

Pharma Medica

by Dezarae Yates

They are usually my go to study facility, but after today they will be a last result. I recommended someone who they said did not qualify due to a slight difference in blood pressure. Then a woman named Kim called the day of the study begging him to come in within the next 30 mins. as a standby. He agreed under the conditions that if he were not guaranteed to be in the study that he would be compensated $300 for his time. The following morning the staff completely disregarded that stating that he’d get less than $100 and it had nothing to do with them. Not sure I’ll go back.

Dec 02, 2018

Lee Summit Dermatology: Mc Ewen Gary W MD

by J R

Minimal wait time. Answered all my questions. Took the time to talk to me. Would rec.

Dec 02, 2018

Bella Gente Salon

by Sara Jones

I have been going to Bella Gente for a decade. Their stylists are top notch; especially Janica! I am always up for change, whether I've asked her to change my hair from brown to Platinum blonde or from long to a short style, she delivers perfectly. Most importantly, I know that my hair will be in great condition too! Thank you!

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